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Nov 26 - Mary Bronstein's YEAST

Mary Bronstein's
Presented by Over the Top Fest
7:00PM - Wednesday, November 26, 2008
CineCycle (Down the alley behind 129 Spadina Ave.)
Doors open at 7PM. Movie starts at 8PM.
$10 at the door. SPECIAL DEAL! 3-for-$20 if you bring two friends you don't like.
Due to Ontario Ratings Board regulations, this screening is 18+.

"Yeast is the feel-good movie of the year. No matter how miserable your life may be, you’ll feel better off after seeing Mary Bronstein’s chaotic debut." --- Twitch

Four Stars! --- Film Threat

YEAST (2008) USA
Director: Mary Bronstein
Cast: Mary Bronstein, Amy Judd, Greta Gerwig, Sean Williams

Over the Top Fest is incredibly thrilled to present to you, the first screening in Canada of Mary Bronstein's YEAST! Made by many of the fine talented people who made FROWNLAND, one of the hits of the last Over the Top Fest, YEAST is a film about a maddeningly un-self-aware, tyrannical and emotionally stunted young woman trying to negotiate two toxic friendships. With a physical aggressiveness and emotional violence that is surprisingly, yet undeniably, feminine in nature, YEAST explores the grinding mechanics of friendships that have run their course. Relations between these young women aren’t just a little bit ripe… they are Ebola-infested, maggot-filled and bursting at the seams.

Read how the folks at the Maryland Film Festival pitch the film:
Do you go to the movies for stories that distract you from the problems of life -- light-hearted romps in which familiar, likeable characters share some laughter and good times as they topple the obstacles between themselves and their goals? If you answered yes, director Mary Bronstein's debut feature YEAST is NOT the film for you.

Yeast comes from much of the same team that brought us 2007's confrontational and claustrophobic Frownland -- arguably the most controversial film from last year's Maryland Film Festival. And as with Frownland, Yeast takes viewers outside their comfort zone with its often-unpleasant characters, its unconventional approach to storytelling, and its uncompromising aesthetics.

Yeast begins by throwing us into an awkward situation -- a young woman, Rachel (Mary Bronstein) rousing her disheveled roommate Alice (Amy Judd) for a camping trip they've planned with Gen (Greta Gerwig, star of Baghead). Alice refuses to come, and at first we're struck by her seemingly unmotivated surliness towards Rachel. But as Rachel and Gen venture into the woods, what slowly emerges is a warts-and-all portrait of a manipulative person who compulsively undermines the people in her life -- and the also-imperfect friends who've decided they've finally had enough.

For that discerning viewer who will revel in an honest portrait of the vicious, grotesque little ways human beings mistreat each other, Yeast provides a special treat. It's a bold and edgy film that probes complex psychological ideas we may have never seen onscreen before -- and in doing so articulates a strong belief in the ability of film culture to keep moving forward. (Eric Allen Hatch)

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